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When you need sublimation custom BMX jerseys fast and at low minimums, we have the perfect match for your needs.

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Hi, I'm Aimee from zolo sportswear ltd let me guide you through this ultimate solutions page.

Working as a co-founder for Zolo has been an amazing experience. I’ve worked on projects from start to finish and love being able to help our customers achieve their goals in sportswear designing! If you’re interested, click below so we can talk things over – it would be great if everyone gets what they need (and continues) to be satisfied

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To save you time, we have also prepared a PDF version containing all the templates, only leave your email and you will get the download link immediately.

Custom BMX Jerseys

ZOLO is the leading supplier of high-quality, custom jerseys in China. With sublimated uniforms and embroidered shirts available for every business need, they’re sure to have what you’re looking for! No matter if it’s a small or large order; with world class craftsmanship alongside first-rate customer service–Zolos will be your go too place without fail .

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Custom MX jersey, downhill jerseys, downhill jersey mtb, mountain bike apparel, mountain bike clothing other team uniforms, coaches apparel, custom apparel, sportswear, and promotional shirts! We have tons of options for your team to choose from! Contact our team today and find out how you can get started with ordering high-quality new uniforms!

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Sublimation custom mx jersey

ZOLO provides custom MX jersey in mens and woman's, as well youth bmx jerseys. We use only finest materials for our product.

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Quick Dry Downhill Jerseys

ZOLO product downhill jersey in ligh weight moisture wicking fabric, screen printing or sublimation printing logos

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Sublimated Bmx Racing Jersey

ZOLO manufacture fully custom sulbimation BMX racing jersey in long sleeves, shorts sleeves or no sleeves

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Sublimated Custom MTB Jerseys

ZOLO manufacture custom mtb jersey in many styles, include womens mountain bike clothing,mountain bike clothes for mens

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Custom Mountain Bike Jersey

ZOLO Supports best mountain bike jerseys, best mountain bike clothing, best mountain bike t shirts for all types of riders.

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Unique Mountain Bike Jerseys

ZOLO Manufacture custom mountain bike jerseys, MTB jerseys, mountain bike apparel in small MOQ and competitive price

Custom BMX Jerseys Product Details

ZOLO is a company that specializes in custom MX jerseys for men and women, as well as youth bikers. They supply high-quality finest materials with small MOQs so you can get your design on one of these awesome tops!

BMX Jersey Collar

BMX Jersey Printing

BMX Jersey Sleeve

BMX Jersey Fabric

Product descriction

Still not finding what your looking for?contact our sales team. They'll be able to help get the job done!

Full Solutions From sublimation Custom BMX Jerseys manufacturers

ZOLO’s mountain bike shirts are designed to provide a comfortable, durable and stylish experience for you whether it be at home or out on the mountain. With moisture wicking technology that helps keep athletes dry in wet conditions along with premium fabrications of high-quality optics

BMX Jerseys design

Supply design Service available for free bases as well if needed (or charged accordingly). No design limited. We know how important it is to keep you afloat, so we work quickly but with care! -- Supply Services including custom biker clothing made specifically according your needs at competitive prices .

BMX Jerseys style

Custom sublimated bmx jersey for the passionate riders! We offer a variety of styles, such as mountain bike shirts and downhill jerseys. Our most popular design is our round-necked v neck that features reglan sleeves or set hems in different lengths to match your preference; it's available on both short sleeve and longsleeved templates too.

BMX Jerseys size

With a large selection of custom womens mountain bike clothing and mens mountain bike clothing, youth bmx jersey. we have the ability to produce your perfect bmx jersey. You can also customize it according with what you need! All our products are made in-house by high quality material which ensures comfort when playing games

BMX Jerseys mOQ

Custom mountain bike jerseys from our factory allow you to get your custom mtb jerseys designs on a quality product at an affordable price, with no minimum order. We have the capabilities and know-how necessary for smaller brands who need help competing against popular competitors in this market space!

BMX Jerseys Persional lable

Custom MX Jerseys from the leading manufacturer of mountain biking jerseys. You can have your own Personal lable or company logo printed, we offer screen printing label; woven lable, heat transfer label, sublimation lable! Supply free design services all those interested so that no matter what type suits best they will find an option perfect

BMX Jerseys color

ZOLO offers the best custom mx jerseys around! With an endless variety of styles and colors, you're sure to find something that perfectly fits your needs. We use Pantone or CMYK for extra precision when printing on these high-quality pieces so they will last longer than any other mountain bike shirts out there- guaranteed!

BMX Jerseys gurantee service

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase from us, so if there is ever an issue or problem for whatever reason, then let me know right away and I'll get it taken care off pronto. - Those manufacturer returns don’t come close to matching up against what  you can do when dealing directly us here

BMX Jerseys shipping

Customize your next bike tour or race with our high-quality custom made BMX jerseys! We're able to have them ready in time for you, and they'll arrive quickly from DHL UPS FEDEX shipping channels. You can count on a perfect experience every single time.

Why choose zoloteamwear.com?

The best place to get your hands on a new mountain biking jersey is from ZOLO sportswear (Shenzhen)CO. LTD! They’ve been in business for 15 years and you know that any customer will be satisfied with the workmanship.
This company offers high-quality products at reasonable prices which are delivered quickly too.

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15 years experience

You can’t go wrong with our custom BMX jerseys! We know all about making sure your products get the attention they deserve. From a skilled team that’s been in this industry for over 15 years and more importantly, through experience alone!.

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Customized logo, unlimited crafting

Your design can do in fully dye sublimation printing or screen-printing on any type of fabric you desire; embroidery, Applique( tackle twill).

You can choose a variety of different fabrics

We have a variety of fabrics and types in our store! I’m happy to help you find the perfect one for your needs. Come by soon, we’ll send swatches complimentary so let me know which material would work best when designing new custom bmx jersey.


Partner with Our Designers

Your Design can be modified an unlimited number of times until you confirm.

Click the button and fill out your requirement to get a free mockup in 24 hrs.

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Other styles of Sublimation BMX jersey design you can make from us

Zolos is the go-to for all your favorite team’s gear. They have new or classic styles that suit any need, and their customer service will make sure you’re satisfied with every order – no matter how large! The quality on these items speaks volumes so don’t take Zolo lightly because they care about giving it right just as much as we do here at This Site

Here are some of our other popular styles:

500+Downhill Jersey Design

Custom BMX Jersey Manufacturing Process

It’s hard to find a company that can meet all your needs, but we’re here for you. Whether it be with our fast service and easy returns or by offering quality products at affordable prices – when customers come back they recommend us because of how satisfied they feel after just one transaction!

Let me show you how this process works:

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Step 1

Design and approvel

At first, we work with you to design the artwork on our downhill jersey template. Once approved of this design, a small sample will be printed and sent back to you for confirmation before production begins!

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Step 2

Printing and Manufacture

We offer a friendly, efficient process that gets your jersey made quickly. After confirming the small sample we will start printing and manufacturing your custom MX jersey in-house so they arrive on time!

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Step 3

Packing your products

You can always count on us for high-quality packing services. We’re committed to making sure your items get where they need to go in perfect condition, so we’ll work hard and take extra steps!


Step 4

Clearance and transit

We’re here for the long haul. Our shipping options are designed with any need in mind – whether sea freight or air cargo services; UPS/DHL & FedEx provide what they need without worrying about how it gets there!

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Is it a good idea to use sublimation jerseys? Here's what you need know

To save you from worrying, here are some things that might help:

Custom sublimation Mountain bike clothing manufacturers In China

ZOLO is a custom-made sublimated mountain bike jersey manufacturer and supplier in China that has been manufacturing various types of mountain bike jerseys, mountain bike shirts, Mtb downhill jerseys, youth MTB jerseys since they started opening, so it’s no surprise they’ve supplied many MTB clothing to businesses across industries including some large names you might know. They’re also known for their durable goods with high-quality apparel stock shipped fast! To learn more about our custom BMX jerseys products or services contact us today for your free quote on anything from youth sizes all way up to adults.

What is sublimation printing custom mx jersey ?

It’s never been easier to get custom mx jersey products! With sublimation prints, you can change your design or text easily and it’s customizable regarding colors. What makes them even better? They last longer than other forms like screen printing since no colorfastness was sacrificed during production meaning anything done with these kinds such as fishing shirts won’t wear out quickly even if used often over time.

What fabric is used for BMX jerseys?

The custom bmx jerseys are made with high quality materials, and they have many different styles to choose from. You can get a light weight 130gsm fabric for summer or heavy-duty 220 g/m² options that will keep you dry during winter games!
In addition, there is also breathable moisture-wicking fabrics available in mesh, etc., all designed specifically towards athlete’s needs

Can you manufacture womens mountain bike clothing

ZOLO manufactures a variety of mountain bike jerseys suitable for mountain biking. Our products include women’s mountain bike clothing, mountain bike jersey men’s, youth BMX jersey, MTBjersey long sleeve, MTB jersey short sleeve, button up mountain bike shirt, we also have wholesale BMX jersey, women’s mountain bike shirts, All those products can make in custom style and size range from Youth to Adult. Size spec fit for USA BMX jersey, custom MX jerseys Australia.
For our services, we offer design and customization services to make sure that we meet your business requirements.

Boost Your Brand with custom mtb jersey design

The MTB clothing brands strategy should be able to generate more sales by standing out from the competition and generating a recognizable appeal in order for customers not only to notice your products but also to want them. With so many brands vying against one another it is important that any edge can determine success. Our design experts can work with you to determine the brand strategy by research and design options that will work best with your customers- which means getting a custom MTB jersey
designed right! You’ll feel dry even during intense games when playing with our short-sleeved men’s light weight biker shirts made just how you like ’em best.

Do you supply bmx jersey design template

Yes! We supply BMX jersey design templates, mountain biking jersey designs templates, and other types of sportswear templates free for you and new clients. With many years of experience working with various brands around the world, we are experienced in creating the best MTB jerseys that you can use for your own unique needs or make something new just made especially for yourself!

Boost your business with our custom mx jersey

We want to help you succeed! Get in touch for more information about how our high-quality, sports clothes can boost 

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