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Looking for a reliable and affordable sublimation rugby jersey manufacturer? Look no further than our team! We offer fast lead times and low minimum quantities, perfect for small businesses and start-ups.

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Hi, I'm Aimee from zolo sportswear ltd let me guide you through this ultimate solutions page.

During the last six years, I’ve been working as a co-founder for Zolo sportswear. My responsibility is to provide exceptional solutions and ensure customer satisfaction from start of project through delivery! Click below if you’re interested in how we can help – it will be worth talking things over so that everyone gets what they need (and continues) being satisfied customers

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Download this template as a PDF

To save you time, we have also prepared a PDF version containing all the templates, only leave your email and you will get the download link immediately.

Custom Rugby Jersey

ZOLO sportswear has been creating sublimation rugby jerseys for all types of teams since 2014, and they’re still going strong! They make sure that every player on your roster will be satisfied with their high-quality product. Whether you need a standard-issue uniform or something more personalized like an embroidered name onto the backbite shirt-Zolo can get it done right when ordering from them today!

Check out our work

We have a huge range of rugby clothing including rugby jerseys, rugby shirts, and rugby shorts. We can also customize your team’s uniform with sublimation printing for an extra-personalized look! There are many different designs available – contact us today to find out more about our products or services

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Sublimation Rugby Jerseys

Min order of 6 jerseys Lead time:2 weeks Production Capacity​: 20,000 PCS per month

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Custom Made Rugby Shirts

Min order of 6 jerseys Lead time:2 weeks Production Capacity​: 20,000 PCS per month

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Quick Dry Rugby Clothing

Min order of 6 jersey Lead time: 2 weeks Production Capacity​: 20,000 PCS per month

rugby shirts 2119

Sublimated Rugby Jersey

Min order of 6 jerseys Lead time:2 weeks Production Capacity​: 20,000 PCS per month

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Customized Rugby Shirts

Min order of 6 jerseys Lead time:2 weeks Production Capacity​: 20,000 PCS per month

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Cutom Rugby Jerseys

Min order of 6 Socks Lead time:2 weeks Production Capacity​: 20,000 PCS per month

Sublimation Rugby Jerseys Product Details

We can help you customize any graphics specific to the final Rugby uinforms products like package deals
It’s not just about making your favorite sport more appealing, but also giving it personality. With our creative minds at work on this project we will create something that is truly one-of kind!

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Rugby Shorts

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Ruby Shorts Sewing


Rugby Shorts Elastic

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Rugby Short Fabric

Product descriction

  • Fabric style: 100% Polyester with breathable; weigh from 130 gsm to 220 gsm 
  • Shirt style: We offer a wide variety of styles, including the latest fashion trends. We can even create new designs based on your specifications!
  • Free design consultation with our designers.Unlimited designs elements, logos, and colors.
  • Free Charge: Players’ names and numbers are included in pricing.
  • Fast Lead time: 1  to 2 week turnaround time.
  • No color fade: Numbers, names, and logos that won’t peel crack, fade or come out in the wash.
  • Affordable that doesn’t sacrifice quality and appearance. Super durable.

Still not finding what your looking for?contact our sales team. They'll be able to help get the job done!

Full Solutions From custom sublimation Rugby Jersey manufacturers

ZOLO is an innovative rugby jersey manufacturer that has been creating high-quality rugby clothing for years. We have a variety of solutions to offer you, whether it’s a custom design or full manufacturing finish at competitive prices!

Rugby Jerseys size

We're the top manufacturer of custom-made sports clothing, with sizes ranging from kids to adults. We offer a vast selection that includes YXS - 7XL for children and adult ones too! If you need help choosing your size simply let us know so we'll do all possible within our power in order make it happen

Rugby Jerseys color

We have no color limit and your rugby artwork can be made in any shade. We will provide you an extensive set of swatches before customers place their rugby jersey bulk order so that when it comes time for them to pick out the perfect design, they'll feel like there is nothing holding back creativity!

Rugby Jerseys design

When you're a sportswear manufacturer, your customers are the rocks of your business. We'll make sure they get what they want and need from us by taking care in both design details as well as production speed! Our experienced designers know how to get things done quickly so that their rugby shirts will be on point with everything else out there right now.

Rugby Jerseys style

Our team at the factory is dedicated to manufacturing custom shirts for you. We offer a variety of styles, such as v neck and round-necked, Y neck, U neck, polo neck collar style, designs with sleeves or stand up collarless ..etc. If you need the template of those styles pls feel free to contact us. we're always happy help answer questions people might have.

Rugby Jerseys MOQ

We're a company that manufactures high-performance quality sublimation rugby shirts. We offer low MOQs to support small brands and give them the opportunity for customized designs or logos with just 10 pieces! At the same time, this saves large companies from purchasing products as they are given an alternative option in our product line: They can get their desired customization starting at only 10 pices!

Rugby Jerseys shipping

When you need a quick turnaround on your rugby shirt, we're the company for you. Our production process allows us to have shirts ready within one week and send them out fast so that they arrive in time! For customers like yourself or ones who want their order quickly without sacrificing quality-of service--we will also use DHL UPS FEDEX shipping channels which ensures an absolutely perfect experience every single time

Why choose

If you want to get your hands on the best rugby shirt, then it’s time for ZOLO sportswear (Shenzhen)CO. LTD! Yes, they are known as masters in this field and will not let down any customer because 15 years’ worth of experience speaks volumes about their workmanship-so go ahead choose them now before someone else does!

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15 years experience

We have an experienced team of skilled seamstresses who are capable to offer you the best quality work. They’ve been in this industry for over 15 years, which makes it easy on them while they make your rugby jersey with great attention pay detail at high standard products

printing way

Custom logo with unlimited craft

Your design can do in fully dye sublimation printing, screen printing, embroidery, applique(tack will). 

You can choose a variety of different fabrics

Custom rugby jerseys are available in a variety of fabrics. You can also choose the perfect material for your needs by sending us samples and seeing what we have on hand! We’ll send you swatches complimentary so please let me know which type would be best suited when designing new shirts with ease.


Partner with Our Designers

Your Design can be modified an unlimited number of times until you confirm.

Click the button and fill out your requirement to get a free mockup in 24 hrs.

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Other style of Sbulimation rugby shirts you can make from us

We have a wide range of products in our catalog. Make zolo your supplier for amazing Rugby shirts, because we know how to make them look different! Our supreme workmanship ensures that no matter which style you choose from us – or even if it’s something new and creative like last season’s all-time favorite color combo–your rugby gear will always be top-notch quality.

Here are some of our other popular styles:

500+Rugby Uniforms

Custom Rugby Jerseys Manufacturing Process

We’re proud that our customers come back again and recommend us! We know the race against time is real, but we put in long hours because it’s worth those extra efforts for satisfied clients who enjoy fast service.

Let me show you how this process works:

rugby design

Step 1

Design and approvel

We will design the artwork onto a template. Once approved you will get a small printing sample. After you approved, we will start the next process. We hope this preview process ensures you’re getting the best products!

pms color

Step 2

Printing and Manufacture

Your team’s logo will soon be turned into sportswear that you can wear at every game! We’re starting with the printing and manufacturing in our factory, so it won’t take long before these are shipped out.

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Step 3

Packing your products

Because quality is always first in our packing department. We make sure that the sports jersey you sell are packed with care and attention to detail before being shipped off for delivery!

shipping logo

Step 4

Clearance and transit

 Your orders will be shipping by sea, air cargo, UPS, DHL, FEDEX, based on your requirements. We will take care of all your shipping needs so your time can be spent doing what matters most – business!

Is It Good to use Sublimation Rugby jerseys? Things you Need to Know

To save you from worrying, here are some things that might help:

What is sublimation printing rugby jersey ?

Sublimation printing is a type of print that uses special ink to transfer onto the fabric. This offers more versatility because you can change your design or text easily, it’s also customizable in terms of different colors for each item which means they will never look boring! And finally, there’s durability–sublimate prints typically last longer than other forms like screen Printing since no colorfastness was sacrificed during the production process meaning anything done.

What is a rugby jersey fabric?

There are many kinds of fabrics for rugby jerseys, and they can be divided into cotton as well as 100% polyester, nylon, and spandex by composition. The most popular fabrics used in fully sublimation rugby jerseys are polyester as well as spandex. The fabric weight can be classified as 130gsm, 160gsm, 220gsm, 260gsm.
According to the function, it can be divided into moisture-wicking, microfiber breathable fabric, antibacterial, abrasion resistance, etc.

Can you do custom rugby jerseys no minimum

We can make any size, color and design of your own custom-made rugby jersey. We use the highest quality materials for a durable product that will last you through many games! Our minimum order requirement is 6 pieces at full dye sublimation printing process. and there is no minimum for reorder.

Can I customize the design I want?

You can customize your jersey with a variety of different styles and colors. We offer fully customized, half custom made jerseys for any size or number you need! There is no limit on design options either – we’ll give it all the attention that deserves to make sure everything looks great together.

How long to get my order?

Usually, it will take about 2 weeks to ship out your order, after you confirm the small sample. Rush orders will be about 7 days to 10 business days. However, because of the impact of the new crown virus, global logistics is now severely delayed, and there will be a delay in logistics.

Do you supply rugby jersey design template

Yes! We offer blank rugby jersey templates to our customers. With over a decade of experience working with various brands around the world, we have created many popular styles that will meet your needs – or if you want something unique designed from scratch just for you- our designers can do it too!

Start your order now and get in 1 to 2 weeks
Fill out the form to get started

We’re thrilled to be working on your custom rugby shirts! Please fill out this form with some general info about what you want in the design. We’ll contact you soon so that we can begin working and bringing it all together for a finished product

We create the design and manufacture Jersey

You’ll work closely with our designers to craft the perfect design for your sublimation rugby jersey, and we will send you a small sample so that it’s just right. Once confirmed in production quality by yourself; we will start manufacturing!

You receive the order in 1-2 weeks.

You can expect your new rugby shirts in about 1-2 weeks once we are done finalizing all of the designs and putting them into order. We want the process to be smooth and fast for our customers, We want you to get those awesome apparel as soon as possible!

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