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I am the co-founder of Zolo Sportswear. I’ve been with the company for 6 years and in that time we’ve come up with some really great solutions for you, our customer base! If you would like to purchase high-quality hockey jerseys or any other sublimated jerseys made by zolosportwear, please click here.

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Download this template as a PDF

To save you time, we have also prepared a PDF version containing all the templates, only leave your email and you will get the download link immediately.

Customize Sublimated Hockey Jersey

ZOLO specializes in manufacturing Inline hockey uniforms, Inline hockey jerseys, Inline hockey socks, and Inline hockey apparel of superior quality. Our custom Inline hockey uniforms are designed according to your exact requirements and best suited to match your hockey team’s brand image. Simply pick one of our hockey uniform designs, let us know your team colors, logos, and team name. You can also submit and design your own hockey uniform designs online. All at no extra cost.

Hot -Sales of Hockey Jerseys

We have a huge range of sublimation team wear, including some great hockey jerseys, hocke pants, hockey socks that’ll create the perfect look for your next event. We also offer promotional products like shirts and caps with your logo on it! Get in touch if you want more info about this awesome company – we’re always happy help out our clients!

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Lace Collar Hockey Jersey

Min order of 10 jerseys Lead time:2 weeks Production Capacity: 20,000 PCS /month

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Custom Made Hockey Jersey

Min order of 10 jerseys Lead time:2 weeks Production Capacity​: 20,000 PCS / month

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Cheap Subliation Hockey Jersey

Min order of 10 jersey Lead time: 2 weeks Production Capacity​: 20,000 PCS /month

hockey pants 21426

New Hockey Pants

Min order of 10 jerseys Lead time: 2 weeks Production Capacity​: 20,000 PCS /month

hockey pants shell 2107

High Quality Hockey Pant Shell

Min order of 10 jerseys Lead time: 2 weeks Production Capacity​: 20,000 PCS/ month

inline hockey socks

Design Your Hockey Sock

Min order of 10 jerseys Lead time: 2 weeks Production Capacity​: 20,000 PCS /month

Sublimation Hockey Jersey Product Details

Design and customize any graphics specific to the final hockey jersey products like package deals

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Product descriction

• Durable and affordable fabric for lasting wear, Hockey Jersey fabric weighs from 130 gsm to 330 gsm. You can choose any style based on your clients requirements.
• Fast turnaround time: 1 week to 3 weeks, base on your order qty. Rush order no extra charge
• Customizable hockey jersey with player numbers, name to any style you want
• Bright colors that don’t fade away or streak across the fabric
• Large range of colors to choose from
• Affordable price point for new and seasoned players
• Ability to customize as desired
• Quick and easy ordering process

Why choose

Zolo has been producing high-quality sportswear for over 15 years. With their expertise in the industry, they can create anything you need – including exquisite craftsmanship and using color like a pro! From selecting materials to crafting beautiful items with quality that lasts; ZOLO will deliver it all around the world if needed by clients who know what makes them great (and how much customers cherish these services).

  We are an experienced and well-known brand for all your sportswear needs.

√   Support Various available printing technologies: sublimation printing, screen printing, embroidery, applique

√  With our design team, You can get a free design from us; will help you stand out from other competitors

√  Designing custom sportswear with various sizes available right off the rack (YXS – 5XL).

Fast delivery: we ship out orders very fast, and if you have an urgent order there is no extra to a paid worker.

Want to know how we can do business? Let’s talk!

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sewing way

15 years experience

Our 80% sewing staff has over 15 years of experience making custom-sublimation hockey jerseys of the highest quality.

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Custom logo with unlimited craft

Your design can do in fully dye sublimation printing, screen printing, embroidery, applique(tack will). 

We Offer a variety of different fabrics

There are many fabrics species you can choose from to custom hockey uniforms.

We also can do the fabric based on your sample or require, if that style can not meet your demands.

We will send a fabric swatch to all new clients for free.


Partner with Our Designers

Your Design can be modified an unlimited number of times until you confirm.

Click the button and fill out your requirement to get a free mockup in 24 hrs.

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Other style of Hockey Jersey you can make from us

With a wide range of products, you’ll find the perfect custom hockey jersey in zolo’s catalog. Our superior workmanship makes each item look unique and special- exactly how it should be!

Here are some of our other popular styles:

500+ Hockey Jersey Designs

How to use a good hockey jersey supplier

Do you want to know how a reliable hockey wear supplier can help your company? Many people ask this question. For companies, it is important for the sales performance of their brand if they have good sportswear suppliers and vice versa; brands who are just starting out in this industry may find themselves lost without knowing better ways on what type or how much communication should take place between them (the client) as well as those providing services such as production time frame etcetera – we would like share our knowledge about these things with all parties involved here:


1. What is a custom ice hockey jersey

Custom hockey jerseys have been around for a long time. They were first produced in the 1930s when teams would equip their players with unique custom hockey uniforms to identify them from other teams on-field during games – this tradition continues today! The most common way you can get your hands on some customized team uniform? You guessed it: through buying custom hockey jerseys. These Professional jerseys are designed specifically so people who love watching or playing ice sports can show off their team spirit by displaying names and numbers at all times. The process used depends largely upon what design elements the player wants to be included; there’s four main way: fully dye sublimation printing, heat transfer, screen printing, and embroidery (tackle twill).


2. Advantages and features of custom sublimation hockey jerseys

There are many benefits of custom sublimation hockey jerseys are as follows.

– No design limitations, small order quantity

– Printing colors are rich and varied, and the quantity is unlimited.

– Can be customized to the appropriate size for different countries

– Different numbers and names can be printed according to customers’ needs with fast speeds and short delivery times


3. Custom hockey uniforms MOQ and Estimated wholesale prices

Below is a summary of the fees you will incur.

(1). Design fee

We strive to be the most affordable option for our clients, so we offer a no-cost design. If your project isn’t too complicated- that is! 

(3). Shipping fee

This is the price you will pay for shipping your sportswear from factory to doorstep. The Zolo company provides whatever convenience best suits your needs, so we’re here if anything changes!

(6). 70% balance payment

Complete payment and delivery of the products which you ordered within a certain period of time

zolo product process
(2). Sample product fee

Usually, samples are free for new customers, and the fee is only charged if you order 2 or more pieces.

(4). Miscellaneous Fees

They are the small fees you might not be aware of. They include things like taxes, service charges, and late payments- usually costing very little in total cost!

(5). 30% T/T Fee

You can either pay the full amount or 30% of your purchase price for wholesale, which is perfect if this option works better with your budget!


4. How to prepare order information for professional jerseys

To place the customize team wear order, you need to provide the following details: Product name (PO), fabric type, and price point. The company also needs font style/design sketch or color numbe(pantone number)

(1). What details should be included in the PO?

A perfect Jersey PO should contain the quantity, size, number, and other specific information of a jersey order.  Examples are as follows:

po exsample
(2). What kinds of fabric will need?

The kind of fabric you need to make your hockey jersey will depend on the team. Sometimes, factories provide different kinds for customers but it’s important that we let them know which one is preferred so they can get started right away and finish amazing jersey

Normally ZOLO supplies hockey jersey fabric details as below: you also can get my information from their website.

Fabric style includes: 100% polyester weigh from 145gsm, 160 gsm, 220 gsm, 260 gsm, 330 gsm.

(3). What style will be used for your hockey team apparel

There are many different styles of ice hockey jerseys, such as V-neck, crew neck, string neck, etc. The style pictures below are some main menu from the leading manufacturer zolosportwear. you need to confirm the style which your customer creating,and confirm with the factory in the email.

hockey shirts template style1 scale2
(4). What is your apparel Design file format should be sent to the factory

The design file format sent to factory AI/CDR, PDF, EPS files are preferred, but if these are not available, they will accept any format that the client sends us, as long as it is a high-resolution image.

If you can’t do the logo, artwork yourself, get help from the factory! Many factories have a designers team, and the ZOLO designer team will even advise on what style is best for your company.

(5). What print color should you send to the apparel factory

The color you or your customer choose for your jersey is an essential part of the design. It’s also important that it match with other colors used in production, so talk to the factory about which Pantone numbers they use first!

( 6). What font should you send to your supplier

It’s important to let the factory know what fonts you are using so that they can produce your logo, name, number, and design correctly. Font selection is critical in producing effective messages, You should tell them which names of the typeface files or send them directly by email, whichever suits YOU best!

Start your order now and get in 1 to 2 weeks

Step 1:
Fill out the request form.

Fill out the request form and provide us with some general information. We’ll get back to you soon so we can begin working on your custom ice hockey jersey order right away!

Step 2:
We create the design and manufacture Jersey

We will work with you closely to come up with your jersey design and a small sample for you to confirm. then start to manufacture your sportswear.

Step 3:
You receive the order in 1-2 weeks.

Once we finalize all the hockey uniforms designs and put them in order, you should expect your apparel delivery 1-2 weeks from now.

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