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Count on our dependable team for a hassle-free experience. We’ll deliver your sublimated polo shirts within 7 days. Simply send us your design and let us handle the rest.

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Sublimated POLO Shirt Can Be Easy & Fast


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Sublimation Polo Shirt Manufacturers

ZOLO has established itself as a highly reputable sublimation polo shirt supplier in China. Our custom-made sports apparel features sublimated printing, available in long and short sleeves, various designs, and sizes, including sublimated polo shirts and performance polo shirts. Discover the perfect fit for your business needs with us! Regardless of the size of your requirements, we consistently deliver top-notch craftsmanship and premier customer service

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Sublimation Polo Shirt Design Front And Back

Min order of 6 jerseys Lead time:2 weeks Production Capacity: 20,000 PCS /month

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Sublimation POLO Jerseys

Min order of 6 jerseys Lead time:2 weeks Production Capacity​: 20,000 PCS /month

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Sublimation Sports Polo Shirts

Min order of 6 jerseys Lead time:2 weeks Production Capacity​: 20,000 PCS /month

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Men's Long Sleeve Polo Shirts

Min order of jersey Lead time: 2 weeks Production Capacity​: 20,000 PCS / month

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Coaches Polo Shirts

Min order of 6 jerseys Lead time:2 weeks Production Capacity​: 20,000 PCS / month

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Team polos shirts

Min order of 6 Socks Lead time:2 weeks Production Capacity​: 20,000 PCS / month

Customize Sports POLO Shirts Product Details

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Sports T Shirts Collar

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Sports T Shirts Printing

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Sports T Shirts Sewing

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Sports T shirts Fabric

Product descriction

Polo Shirt Manufacturing Process

Enjoy unparalleled comfort in our polo shirts manufacturing process, as we prioritize customer satisfaction and delight. This commitment has made us the preferred choice among friends and acquaintances alike.

Let me show you how this process works:

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Step 1

Design and approvel

Our design team collaborates with you to craft the ideal design for your sublimated polo shirts. After receiving your approval, we’ll print a small sample and send it to you for verification.

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Step 2

Printing and Manufacture

After you approve the small sample, we’ll initiate the printing process and produce the custom club polo shirts in-house. This guarantees a swift delivery and your satisfaction with the end product.

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Step 3

Packing your products

We always guarantee your satisfaction. We take extra care to inspect the quality of our packaging before dispatching the sublimation polo shirts to you. This ensures that you receive the finest packing experience possible.


Step 4

Clearance and transit

We strive to simplify the process for you by offering an extensive range of shipping options, including sea freight or air cargo services, as well as UPS/DHL & FedEx. This way, you can rest assured that your shipment will arrive without any concerns.

Zoloteamwear's Services are always go extra mile

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 We offer OEM/OEM services
• All prices include setup charges and up to 3 revisions
• 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back

Our MOQ is 10 pieces per design, per order.
There is no minimum order requirement for return orders

Save your time.Get more customers- Make the best impression possible on your customers with a custom label design.

Our custom service include below style:
Fully custom: you can customize your designs, template, labels base on your details.
Self half custom: custom your design, but our template.

7 days for small order and sample order.

10-14 days for mass products

Produce your clothing alongside some of the top brands in the word.


Still not finding what your looking for?contact our sales team. They'll be able to help get the job done!

Why choose

Our Advantage

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sewing way

15 years experience

Our sewing team is composed of proficient and dedicated professionals with over 15 years of experience in the industry. They possess expertise in cutting, sewing, and completing sublimated clothing. Their vast experience guarantees that your custom polo shirts will be the highest standards and receive the attention it truly deserves!

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Customized logo, unlimited crafting

Your design can do in fully dye sublimation printing or screen-printing on any type of fabric you desire; embroidery, Applique( tackle twill).

You can choose a variety of different fabrics

In our factory, we take great pride in the diverse range of fabrics and materials we provide. Regardless of your requirements, we’re confident we have the ideal fabric to meet your needs. If you’re uncertain about the most suitable fabric for your project, we’re more than happy to send you free samples, allowing you to see and feel the material before making a decision. Simply inform us of the fabrics you’re interested in, and we’ll send you a complimentary swatch. Visit us soon, and we’ll assist you in discovering the perfect fabric for your new polo shirts.


Partner with Our Designers

Your Design can be modified an unlimited number of times until you confirm.

Click the button and fill out your requirement to get a free mockup in 24 hrs.

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FAQ About Sublimation Polo Shirts

What is sublimation polo shirts

Sublimation polo shirts utilize a printing technique that leverages heat to transfer dye onto fabric. The process begins by printing the design or image onto transfer paper and then using a heat press to apply it to the garment. The advantage of sublimation printing is that it enables full-color prints with minimal setup time or expenses. Moreover, the resulting prints are highly resilient and will not fade or wash away over time, making sublimation printing an increasingly popular choice for sports polo shirt suppliers and other sports apparel manufacturers. As a result of this innovative printing technique, sublimation polo shirts can now enjoy more vivid and long-lasting jerseys that are also highly customizable

Who is polo shirt manufacturers

ZOLO is a prominent work-easy polo shirt manufacturer that has established itself as a top supplier of sublimated polo shirts in China, owing to its years of experience in the industry. With a vast selection of styles and materials, ZOLO offers customization options for shirts, including logos, text, or graphics to help promote your brand.
When selecting a sports polo shirt manufacturer, it’s critical to research each company’s reputation, experience, and pricing before finalizing a decision. Requesting samples and clearly communicating your requirements can ensure that you receive the best possible product for your brand.

What is best material for Custom Sublimated Polo Shirts

There is no single “best” material for custom sublimated polo shirts, as the ideal material largely depends on the intended use of the shirt. However, some popular materials used for sublimated polo shirts include polyester, microfiber, and performance blends.
Polyester is a popular choice for sublimated polo shirts due to its lightweight and breathable characteristics. It is also durable and quick-drying, making it an excellent option for sports apparel.
Microfiber, on the other hand, is known for its softness and moisture-wicking properties, making it an ideal choice for athletes looking for comfortable and high-performance shirts.
Performance blends can offer a combination of the benefits of multiple materials, such as the durability of polyester and the softness of microfiber.
Ultimately, the best material for a custom sublimated polo shirt will depend on the specific needs of the wearer.

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